Asia House assembled the the views and insights of leading figures in UK-Japan relations, from those at the heart of trade and industry, to policy professionals shaping the bilateral relationship. 

View the report: Japan-UK Relatons After Brexit: Looking Towards a Closer Economic Partnership

Michito Tsuruoka, Associate Professor, Keio University, Japan, shares his views on what to expect from UK-Japan relations beyond Brexit.


Lord Stephen Green, Chairman of Asia House:

'Closer UK-Japan ties will unlock access to Asian markets'

Writing in CityAM, Lord Green explores potential new directions in UK-Japan relations.

'If the UK does want to become a bigger player in Asia, its partnership with Japan offers a golden opportunity to make a positive impact in the region.'


Chris Heffer, Director, Trade and Investment, British Embassy Tokyo, who was central to CEPA negotiations, discusses the evolving economic partnership between the UK and Japan.